Companies with track record
and Seed Capital

We make significant investments in unlisted companies operating both in the public and private sector.

Structured in two distinguished investment lines, we focus on established companies with a proven track record and innovative start-ups.

  • From our venture capital business line, led by Ardoz Capital, we carry out investment operations in companies with a long track record and unlisted companies.
  • We look for corporations with strong management and leadership teams, financial strength and flexibility.
  • We promote their projects in the medium and long term with capital increase operations, providing resources to finance their organic growth; or developing purchase operations and support.
  • Alter Capital, a venture capital fund manager, invests in small and medium-sized Spanish companies, helping to develop their growth projects.
  • Venture Capital Fund specialized in expanding companies in Andalusia, with public-private participation.
  • Alter Cap Venture III Fund specialized in companies nationwide, with public-private participation.
  • Uxor Capital acts as manager in the execution of our group’s venture capital projects.
  • Shankara Capital is leading our commitment to seed capital companies, our most vocational contribution to the economic activity in growth sectors.
  • We help to create companies whose technology, proposal or equipment has a strong innovative character.
  • We financially strengthen their projects because we believe in the value of their proposal and their capacity to contribute to the society.

Our Partnership

We associate with companies that share
our values and market’s strategic vision.

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